My Mission

Welcome! My name is Amber Willett.  I am a RYT200 and I design yoga programs to help people in eating disorder recovery navigate the anxieties of everyday life.  I provide my students with tools to maneuver through the beginning stages of recovery.  My goal is  to help others on their mental and emotional healing journey.  

Not in recovery but still struggle with everyday stress and anxiety or depression?  This is the place for you!  I would love to help you learn to manage the ups and downs of day to day emotions and challenges by strengthening your body and mind simultaneously.


About Me


My name is Amber Willett.  I am originally from Long Island, NY but moved to South Florida for school and never left.  I have been here for 5 years and have found a new home that I have grown to love.  I studied Digital Art and Design and earned both my Bachelors and Masters Degrees.  After receiving these degrees I had come to realize that I did not want to create art under anyone else rules and I did not want to work in an office setting sitting at a computer from 9-5 everyday.  That works for some, but it wasn't something that made me happy.  To cope with my anxiety and depression I began to practice yoga daily both on and off the mat.  Through this practice I was able to find peace and was finally able to understand myself in a way I never had before.  This feeling was something I felt compelled to share and why I became a yoga teacher.

Amber Willett

Contact Me

Amber Willett

Tel: 631 - 988 - 7995



Practice with me

Thursday @ Ananda Yoga & Pilates

5:30PM Slow Flow

7PM Yin

Private/Small group Trauma Informed Sessions


3-Pack $275 ($91 per session)

Expires 5 weeks from first session date

5-Pack $450 ($80 per session)

Expires 8 weeks from first session date